Stained Glass Restorations and Rebuilds - Isle of Wight

Stained Glass Restorations and Rebuilds – Isle of Wight. Aged stained glass panels can start to fall apart and the lead deteriorate. A rebuild provides the opportunity to have your old panel completely rebuilt from existing glass and made as new. The project involves taking photographs of the old panels and then they are carefully taken out. On the bench the old lead is cut away and each piece of unbroken glass is cleaned and any old dirt and oxidised residue is removed. The panel is then recreated as new using new restoration glass to replace broken pieces. The results are amazing and the old panel will look as good as when it was originally made. In addition, extra bracings can be added to door panels to ensure another 100 years of life. All restorations are priced individually. Site visits and quotes are provided free of charge.

Victorian Door Panel Restoration Commission in Ventnor
Rebuilt and Repaired Victorian Door Panels