Stained Glass Commissions - Isle of Wight

Stained Glass Commissions – Isle of Wight. Commissioning a stained glass panel allows you to acquire a design to suit the location that is sensitive to the architectural context. Work of any size and complexity can be undertaken, based on an original design from either myself or the client. A complete service is provided from conception through to completion.

The process of creating a new commission involves starting from a customer idea, drawing up a ‘to size’ cartoon, choosing colours, cutting glass to size, leading up, soldering, cementing, applying whiting, drying, polishing up to create a beautiful stained glass leaded light.

Making Stained Glass Commissions

Once the final design has been approved I recommend a visit to the workshop so then the glass can be chosen and make any necessary changes. It is also a way of getting an insight into the making process.

Work ranges from small, free-hanging pieces to door panels and pieces designed to fit new or existing windows of any size.

Different styles have different levels of complexity, which in turn affects the price. As a guide, the cost for window and door panels is calculated on the basis of their size, and the price range quoted will take into account the complexity of the design and the types of glass used to construct the panel. As needs are very diverse, the budget in turn can help determine which design styles are possible.